Beautiful day musee bath soak
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Beautiful day musee bath soak

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Inhale the eucalyptus goodness and exhale the parts of your day that you'd like to leave behind with Musee's Just Breathe Bath Soak. Dissolved in a hot bath, this relaxing soak reminds your body to be and just breathe, leaving you to relax in the bath.

Oh What A Night is a swirl of spearmint and citrus that awakens your senses. Formulated with salts and essential oils, this fragrant bath soak helps you relax after a long day.

Beautiful Day finds inspiration in the beauty of a new day as you relax in a bath filled with scents of sweet orange and fresh florals.

Dreamweaver lets the waters of chamomile and lavender buds end your day on a positive, tranquil note.

With Forever Young, experience the renewal of a jasmine and lemongrass bath with rosehip and jojoba oils.

Peace Train soak is formulated with bergamot and frankincense essential oils.

Wake Me Up enlivens your senses with this lemongrass and coconut oil bath. Open your eyes and explore your surroundings to find beauty in your life.

Let's Get It On awakens your senses with santal and patchouli soak as it excites you for new beginnings.

How do I use it: Add as much of the soak as you'd like to a warm bath under running water.

From Musee.



  • 24-oz Bath Soak